Your Guide to the Top Local Realtors

If you’re selling your home and you need a professional REALTOR®, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will give you background and contact information for a select group of some of the Pasadena area’s most experienced real estate professionals. In an internet landscape cluttered with real estate data and websites, but lacking reliable guidance for your unique situation, the women and men in this highly respected group can provide you with the insights you need to make optimal decisions about your most important asset: your home!

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Gretchen B. Seager

Recent Sale: 208 South Grand Avenue, Pasadena

Jan and Payman Emamian

Just Sold: $6,120,000 in 361 Linda Vista Avenue, Pasadena

Jim Rock

Recent Sale: $4,350,000 in Pasadena

Jim Tripodes

Recent Sale: $5,105,000 in Arcadia

Eddie Ramirez

Recent Sold: $5,350,000 in Pasadena

Linda Seyffert

Recent Sold: $2,577,500 in La Cañada Flintridge

Lisa Kroese

Recent Sold: $850,000 in Carson

Renee Bannoura

Recent Sale: $500,000 in Glendora

Lori McShane

Recent Sale: $350,000 in La Quinta

Lisa Ashworth

Recent Sale: $1,709,000 in Pasadena

Jimmy Wilson

Recent Sold: $3,650,000 in Pasadena

Bradley Mohr

Recent Sale: $1,600,000 in La Canada Flintridge

Darling & Rozman Group / Michael Darling and Sandi Rozman

Recent Sold: $1,750,000 in Pasadena

Iye Kang

For Sale: 208 South Grand Avenue, Pasadena

Jennifer Parker-Stanton

Recent Sold: $1,260,000 in Alhambra

Todd Hays

Recent Sale: $2,100,000 in Pasadena

Dhari Thein

Recent Sold: $1,790,000 in Altadena

Enrique Lizarazu

Recent Sold: $750,000 in Pasadena

Darrell Done

Recent Sale: $2,495,000 in Pasadena

Monica Hsu

Recent Sold: $1,560,000 in Alhambra

Michael Dilsaver

Recent Sale: $5,800,000, Hillcrest Avenue

Brent Chang

Recent Sale: $8,930,000 in Wentworth Avenue

Luczyski Group – Cynthia Luczyski & Lauren Luczyski

Recent Sold: $2,000,000 in Pasadena

Rosey Bell

Recent Sold: $765,000 in Pasadena

Joe Kaplan

Recent Sale: $1,371,000 in Pasadena

Teresa Fuller

Recently Sold: $2,020,000 in 1146 Wotkyns Drive, Pasadena, CA 91103

Scott James

Past Sale: Bel-Air Mansion | Seller: Elon Mask | $29 Million | Off-Market

Adam Bray-Ali

Recent Sale: $519,695 in Azusa

Sue Cook

Recent Sale: $2,437,430 in Sierra Madre

Rita Whitney

Recent Sale: $2,995,000 in Pasadena

Bill Podley

Recent Sale: $5,475,000 in Pasadena

Kristina Nichols

Recent Sale: $2,525,000 in San Marino

Robin Stever

Recent Sold: $4,650,000 in Pasadena

John Moreno

Recent Sold: $3,700,000 in Pasadena

Jacen Crehan

Recent Sale: $1,450,000 in Monrovia